#11 Whitetail Biologist Chad Stewart

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On this episode of the podcast I had the opportunity to sit down with whitetail biologist Chad Stewart from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. I had been wanting to sit down with Chad for awhile now and get some questions answered by someone who has dedicated their professional career to understanding wildlife and whitetails at a scientific level.

In somewhat of a strange time currently scientific facts and data seem to be loosing ground on being the deciding factors when critical decisions need to be made to protect wildlife and wild places in general. So it was very refreshing to talk deer hunting with Chad and get a lot of up-to-date information on some critical issues I felt myself and fellow deer hunters would benefit from.

Chad answered in full detail a very wide range of questions I had about current issues in the world of whitetails and the hunters that go afield to pursue them. The conversion includes but is not limited to Chronic Wasting Disease, whitetail habitat, predation, antler point restrictions,overall herd health,traveling out of state to hunt, and what I felt was of great importance FUNDING for the future of deer hunting!

I want to say a great big thank you to all the employees at the MIDNR for all they do protecting wildlife and wild places. These are the good people that have committed their professional careers to protecting the future of this great life in the outdoors and as deer hunters they deserve our full support. A personal big thanks to Chad for taking the time to do the podcast with me and for his commitment to the protection of the game that we pursue and the places these animals need to live to ensure they have a future aside us here in these somewhat crazy times.

Thanks again Chad and I cant wait to have you back on in the future.

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