Episode #8 Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads

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On episode #8 of the Deerhunter Podcast we talk with Luke from Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads. Luke and his father are currently manufacturing what looks like one of the most rigidly constructed one piece steel broadheads I have ever seen.

I first came across Tooth of the Arrow on Instagram when the image of a solid steel one piece fixed blade broadhead caught my eye. I was quick to head over to toothofthearrow.com to investigate.

My interest in this company and their product quickly grew to such a level that I decided to reach out to Luke who is part owner to get the answers to all the questions I had.

On the podcast Luke goes into great detail on how this broadhead came about. From the manufacturing process, to where the name originated from and why they choose to design and construct the broadhead in the manner they do.

Big thanks to Tooth of the Arrow for coming on the podcast. Luke was even nice enough to offer up a 15% discount to the listeners of the podcast if they choose to purchase some broadheads for the upcoming archery season. Just go to toothofthearrow.com to check them out in full detail. If you choose to purchase a set just enter the promo code deerhunter17 at checkout to save yourself 15%.

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