What could you learn from spending a day in the deer woods with the Hunting Beast legend himself Dan Infalt? Dan Infalt is at as high of a level that there is when it comes to identifying and killing giant mature public land whitetail bucks. This winter my good friend and deer hunting buddy Kevin Henneman traveled to Wisconsin for the weekend to spend a day with Dan and get a first hand look at how Dan approaches his scouting tactics that have led to his consistent years of reoccurring success.

Kevin is a die hard deer hunter and an all around pretty serious outdoors man. I was extremely interested to sit down with him in the podcast studio and get all the details of what he picked up from spending a day in Dan’s world of deer hunting.  No doubt his world looks quite a bit different than most guys seeing that the number of giant whitetails he has killed can cover the entire side of a pole barn.


Finding the time to deer hunt at a high level is a hard enough thing to do. So i need every bit of information i can get my hands on now a days so that i am able to maximize my opportunities when they arise. I know Kevin well and knew that his perspective on Dan’s hunting strategies would be extremely valuable to me.

Big thanks to Kevin for coming on the podcast and sharing all the tips and tricks he picked up. I will vary much be looking forward to having him on again in near future.


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